September 9, 2018


Forest Therapy  ~ Shinrin Yoku

A Nature Immersion Experience

Shinrin is the Japanese word for forest, and Yoku means being immersed in. Since the 1990's scientists in Japan have been experimenting with the effect spending time in a living forest has on the physical body. They discovered and documented amazing health benefits from lowered blood pressure and pulse rate, to decreased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone present in cancer. It has also shown positive effects on ADHD, and in building the immune system.

Come experience a walk in the woods like no other, this is not a nature walk, not an herb walk, and not a power walk. It is a walk that will saturate your senses to recharge, ground, and connect you to the healing power of Nature.

Join Minnie on gentle paths as she invites you through guided sensory invitations to experience your own Nature Connection. The length of the total walk will be about ¼ of a mile. We will end our day drinking wild gathered herbal tea and sharing of your experiences at the Leik Stone Circle.

Bring: Water, food to snack on, something waterproof to sit on, or a camp chair if sitting on the ground is difficult for you, bug spray and dress comfortably for the weather. We will meet at the Leik Stone Circle parking lot across from the ball fields 15 minutes before our walk begins at 1PM. Restrooms are available there.

Where: Bogue Flats Recreation Area    N. Waters St Portland MI (near the red grain elevator)

Date: Sunday  afternoon on September 9, 2018

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Cost:  $33 each class 

Please register with your email address and phone number. Make your payment before class on this website or mail to:
Minnie Kansman 
4287 Lyons Rd
Lyons, Mi 48851

Ages 8-88 +  We will be walking on a level paved surface in the woods; there will be many opportunities to be silent during this workshop.