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Nature and Forest Therapy Walk - At the Grand Ledges

If you have never visited the 300-million-year-old, sandstone and quartzite rock ledges that rise 60 feet above the Grand River in Grand Ledge Michigan, here is your chance. Come experience a walk in the woods like no other, this is not a nature walk, not an herb walk, and not a power walk. It is a walk that will saturate your senses to recharge, ground, and connect you to the healing power of Nature. Tuning into all of your senses is the best way to experience the Spirit of Place, and also relax into the sacred awareness of your authentic self.

Join Minnie Kansman, a certified Forest Therapy Guide, on gentle paths along the ledge formations as she invites you through guided sensory activities to experience your own Nature Connection. These invitations will assist you to explore Nature in the deepest way possible. The length of the total walk will be about 1/2 of a mile, starting and concluding at the Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge Michigan. We will finish our day drinking wild gathered herbal tea and sharing your experiences.

Bring: Bottle of water, food to snack on, a waterproof tarp or blanket to sit on, or portable camp chair if sitting on the ground is difficult for you. We will meet at Fitzgerald Park next to the Red Ledges Playhouse. Please arrive here 15 minutes before our walk begins at 1PM. Restrooms are also available here. For ages 8 and above. We will be walking on rough surfaces in the woods, and there are stairs to get to the river level. There will also be many opportunities to be silent during this workshop.

Where: Grand Ledges at Fitzgerald Park. 133 Fitzgerald Park Grand Ledge Michigan.

Date: Sunday afternoon on August 20th

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Cost:  $33 each class 

Please register at www.minniekansman with your email address and phone number