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Bali Balance

The Mystic Traveler by Minnie Kansman

I experienced Bali as an opening of my mind, to the energies of slowing down and intention. To the value of sitting in a beautiful space and just being, just absorbing the moment. Our group visited this magnificent place in 2010, just three years after Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling book Eat, Pray, Love was made even more popular from the movie starring Julia Roberts. Her book was about finding balance, of getting to the heart of what was most important in your life, of making your “liver smile”.

On this trip we stayed for three glorious nights at the Komaneka Resort at Bisma, in Ubud Bali. Our room was a haven of pleasure as we were greeted with flowers on our beds and fresh robes every day! Our bathroom had an infinity shower and a beautiful soaking tub, and our balcony overlooked terraces of freshly planted rice fields.

“If you clear out all of that space in your mind, you would have a doorway” Ketut Lyier

This is one of my favorite quotes from Gilbert’s book, Eat, Pray, Love and I had it in mind while taking a solo walk on the resort grounds one morning after breakfast. With no map, I intuitively followed paths to see where they might lead, and savored my quiet journey.

Tucked away off the main walkway were hidden rooms and private villas, many with their own pools and lounging areas. I also came across an outdoor wedding chapel and reception area and envisioned what it would be like to be married in such a beautiful setting!

My favorite discovery was a room you could only access by stepping stones laid across a narrow pond. It was so playful and fun to image carrying your luggage into your room this way; and what about those with late night arrivals? I can only imagine a porter assisting you with flashlight and giggles. The child in me loved the idea of such an adventure and surprise!

And what was located on the other side of this balancing path was so worth the effort, a jungle room with its own private infinity pool and a bed for two that overlooked it. The perfect honeymoon getaway suite! I think an Anniversary visit back to Bali might be in my future. I would definitely be booking this room if I went, and would highly recommend it.

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